Assisting Business Owners And Investors To Sell And Buy Businesses Respectively

  • Most individuals have started businesses with brilliant ideas but as the business grows, the demand of the business outgrows the individuals but since there is no any platform for such individuals to sell their businesses or transfer ownership to be able to make some good sums of money in order to start another business, they are stacked and eventually the company collapses living the owner with more debts to pay.
  • There are some other individuals from the Diaspora who want to finally settle down and manage their own businesses. These individuals from the Diaspora may need some of these startups companies to buy but there is no a common platform for the two parties to meet. At MondICT GH Ltd, we take the challenge to connect the two parties by creating a common platform where both parties can log into. We take the challenge to go extra miles to look for investors for every company in our database.
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