Assisting Investors To Find Viable Startups To Invest In

 It has come to our notice that:

  • Most unsophisticated investors are not able to assess the viability of a business in order to invest in.
  • We have also realized that, there are some individuals who have money but are not able to start their own businesses from scratch but are interested in partnership or are ready to invest in other people businesses.

At MondICT GH Ltd, Our competent team takes the challenge to do due diligence on every business in our data base to assess the viability of every business so as to protect the investor capital.

 We ensure that every business in our data base adheres to the basic business management principles like proper records keeping, preparation of financial statement, compliance to the regulations in the industry, having solid management team, having business bank account etc. before we allow the potential investors in our data base to invest in such businesses.

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