Assisting Startup Companies To Raise Capital

Most startup companies find it very difficult to raise capital to support their businesses making expansion very difficult.

Per our research and feasibility studies, it has come to our notice that:

  • Most startup business owners do not form competent management teams to help manage their companies and so end up operating limited liability companies as though they are sole proprietorship companies. Such acts do not attract the confidence of investors.
  • Most startup business owners are not able to package their businesses well enough to attract investors or are even not able to find investors in the system to present their companies to these investors notwithstanding the fact that there are a couple of potential investors and foreign donors who want to invest in or assist startup companies in Ghana aside some government agencies.

At MondICT GH Ltd, we help startup business owners to package their companies well enough and go ahead to introduce these well packaged companies to potential investors in our data base for consideration.

We also assist some of the startup companies in our data base to access funding from some government agencies which are into entrepreneurship support base on the business module of each startup company in relation to the present government focus and agenda.

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